➡️ How to Create a Summary Report in Airtable

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You have all your data in Airtable and now you need to summarize and calculate all the information.

Reporting on business information is a vital part of company operations. “How do I create a report in Airtable?” is one of the common questions we see from Airtable users.

First, the answer is, “Yes, you can create reports!” You can create summary reports from your Airtable data, whether you need to summarize income, projects, sales, or information such as employee vacation hours or inventory totals.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create summary reports in Airtable, how to automate record links to a report, and how to create a dashboard to showcase the information for others.

See the full tutorial here:

How to Create a Summary Report in Airtable

summary_reports_in Airtable


If you need automated documents for your reports, check out On2Air Docs, an app to automatically generate documents with your Airtable data.

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To allow others to view or edit documents or any other data in Airtable, use On2Air Forms, an app to create powerful Airtable forms, dashboards, and interfaces.

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