🆕 Airtable Formatting Support, Reorder Pages, New List Block, Community Updates + more!

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hey Airtable community :wave:

It’s time for this weeks updates at Softr. We have rolled out a number of new updates this week we would love to share with you.

:new: Improved Airtable Formatting
We are always keeping a close eye on any new updates to Airtable’s API to bring Softr customers the best experience. Thankfully Airtable recently provided a number of formatting improvements so we jumped at the opportunity to bring you these changes asap. These improvements include:

• Improved date and time formatting
• Support for currency symbols and decimal places
• Display of linked records without the need for lookup fields

:page_facing_up: Reorder Pages
Previously when adding new pages we stacked them in alphabetical order. However, over time, with larger applications, organising and navigating to your pages in the studio could become cumbersome.

Starting from today you can now reorder your pages. It’s the small things in life that make a difference and this is no exception

Simply grab the page you want to reorder and drag it to your preferred location. Simple but effective. Give it a shot today!

:open_hands: User dashboard - Select All
While this improvement isn’t perhaps groundbreaking it’s certainly worth mentioning. We have now improved the ‘select all’ functionality for the user table. You now have the option to select all user records on the current page or all the records across multiple pages. This is particularly helpful for those of you with more than 14 users who want to perform bulk actions such as deleting users, generating magic links and resending email invites.

:yellow_square: New List Block Layout
We are continuing to roll out new block layouts. This week we have a new list block layout we think you will love. This new list block is bound into a neat container with a blend of vertically stacked fields and horizontal field layouts.

We can’t wait to see what the Airtable community use this new functionality for.

You can learn more about todays updates here: Airtable Formatting Support, Reorder Pages, New List Block, Community Updates + more!

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