Create Airtable Records From Other Apps Automatically with Unito's 2-Way Sync

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello Airtable community!


Let's talk about integrations. You need them because your business runs on too many different software systems that don't communicate with each other, so people end up working in data silos without a reliable source of truth (except of course, for Airtable). So each team ends up dealing with incomplete data or relying on inefficient and unreliable manual processes.

So you're faced with either learning how to automate yourself in limited trigger/action recipes, or outsourcing complex and costly solutions to external consultants. In either case it's a bit like building an IKEA bedroom set without instructions. Or a dining room set, your preference! 

Anyway, there actually is another solution in the form of a code-free integration solution that lets you set up a flow in 10 minutes that can:

  • Create new Airtable records based on data from your other apps;
  • Create items (tasks, tickets, issues, events, etc.) in other tools based on your Airtable records;
  • Keep all your connected records and items synced in real-time so that as you work, updates appear automatically from end-to-end.

That's basically how Unito works. You can find out more about our Airtable integration here or follow a setup guide to sync Airtable to Jira here. We also have plenty of Airtable documentation for Unito!

And if that's not enough, here's a quick demo video showing you how to sync multiple Airtable bases together:

Unito also supports integrations for: Trello, Asana, Jira, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Notion, ClickUp, GitHub, Wrike, Microsoft Excel, HubSpot,, Azure DevOps, Smartsheet, Zendesk, Teamwork, Salesforce and other popular work management tools.

In 2024, we released our latest batch of connectors, including: Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, Confluence, Eloqua, ServiceNow, Snowflake, PostgreSQL, Xero, Stripe, Jotform, Typeform, and SurveyMonkey.

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