Easyassign - easily assign tasks using workload heatmaps and charts

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hey there,

Wanted to share an advanced base and extension we’ve built for the large multi-tasking creative department of an enterprise airtable customer.

The app is used to easily identify the best qualified person for the job, availability wise, using personnel workload heatmaps:

Easyassign heatmap

and workload charts:

Easyassign line chart

The solution we’ve built includes many advanced features, including:

  • Weighted tasks
  • Custom capacities per person (i.e. part-time capacities)
  • Timescales, similar to the airtable timeline view
  • Generation of batch tasks from template projects
  • Support for multiple synced in project bases
  • Automations to generate tasks from synced in project data
  • Relinking of records that are linked in source bases

Read more about it and schedule a demo on our website.

We’re a complete custom extensions & workflow solution provider and work closely with our customers to come up with the best base design, adapt our extensions to your base and workflows, and create all your workflow automations.

I’m available to meet in person in the bay area this week. Email me to hookup.


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