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Free WordPress Plugin to Send Post & Page Data to Airtable (or any other webhook capable system)

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Hi all, thought I’d let everyone know about a new WordPress plugin I’ve just published to improve my content workflow process which is built around Airtable.

Useful for bloggers, content publishers, etc. who publish on WordPress and use Airtable to manage their content workflow.

The plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Article on how to set it all up in Airtable is on my blog.

The plugin sends key post and page data when you publish or delete a post/page to your 3rd party URL. Although I built it to work with my Airtable setup, it will work with any webhook-capable system (Make, Zapier, Pabbly etc.)

Details sent – On publish:

  • Author display name
  • Post ID
  • Post title
  • Post date
  • Post modified date
  • Post GUID
  • Post slug
  • Post permalink
  • Post type
  • Post status
  • Post categories
  • Post tags
  • Post word count

Details sent – On delete/trash:

  • Post ID
  • Post modified date
  • Post GUID
  • Post status

Hope people find it useful.

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