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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’ve solved for how to use a list of ID numbers to highlight the rows with those ID’s.

Search only lets you identify one row, and filters have to be chained together one after the other. When you have a table with 1,000 items, and an external source gives you a list of 50 ID’s that all need the same update how do you select them?

My solution requires adding a formula field. By pasting all of your ID values as a string literal to search for that rows ID in you can create a flag that then lets you filter a view.

Here is an example of the formula:


In this case Identifier is the name of your ID field in the table. Each row of your string (you should be able to paste a column from excel) is one of the ID’s you wish to modify. The result of this will be a column with blank rows and arbitrary numbers. The number is the location in your pasted string where the ID was found but that isn’t important.

Next you will probably want to create a view of only these rows. To do that you’ll filter by:

Where {your formula field} is not empty.

And that’s it. Now you can apply the bulk update block to the data or paste over values as needed. Some other useful string operations might be calling lower() on both parameters to make it case insensitive, or using left() and right() if you need to match just the beginning or end of the string.

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