Integromat - the Language for Airtable?

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Today, Integromat have announced their updated integration with Airtable!

I have been recommending Integromat to Airtable users for Automation and Integration for some time and this updated release removes the biggest issue with using the two together - the timeouts experienced when designing processes.

I’ve written an introductory blog post about the new version (and have several other posts about Integromat on my site as well) - and I think this is potentially a game changer for Airtable:

My conclusion - I think Integromat can really be seen as the ‘language’ to use to automate your Airtable workflows.

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Hi @Julian_Kirkness

This is very welcoming news and the timing couldn’t be better, since I am in the middle of working on a scenario to delete duplicate records, (I am hoping that these changes will work in my situation) in Airtable. Also, It will make working with Airtable modules a lot easier, without timing out all the time.

Thank you for posting this latest news.

I noticed that you use Ninox, I have been using this app and the desktop version for a few years, too. It’s a great app. I use it as another database for my postage stamps (I have almost 2,000 records with images) so I don’t want to have just one database, in case something might happen. The support is really good and they are very helpful.

Mary Kay

I’ve always preferred Integromat to Zapier, glad to hear of this update

I see that the V1 app also has now the ability to Delete a record. Also, the V2 has lost the “New record in view” trigger, is integrated with “New Record” or something?

Edit: Oh yes, the descriptions say it:

Runs when a new record is added in view. Please note that in order for the trigger to work, you need to have (or add) a Created Time field to your view.

I’m testing it, and I like another addition: now Bases and Tables are not together in the Table selector. Now we have Base selector and Table selector. :raised_hands:

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Introgromat vs Zapier

Delete Records: Integromat 1, Zapier 0

What other things can Integromat do that Zapier can’t? (with regards to Airtable)

Hi @BobBannanas

That’s a very good question - and one I had answered in a blog post some time ago - and have since revised:

Zapier or Integromat - which should you choose? (Updated)

With regards to Airtable specific advantages, they are few - but I do feel that Integromat has a lot more to offer in terms of logic capabilities than Zapier at the moment.


6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Integromat is far ahead from Zapier now.

Airtable’s “Last Modified Time” is game-changer as Integromat offers a trigger “Watch records” that can now apply to updated records and the “error: failed to load data” is gone for good as they have access now to Airtable’s private API.