🥳 Learning Airtable: a beginner-level Airtable training course!

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Hello friends,

I’m pleased to announce my beginner-level Airtable training course, “Learning Airtable”! :partying_face:

It is available on LinkedIn Learning here:

Summary of my course:

For tracking data and creating custom business apps, Airtable, a spreadsheet-database hybrid platform, can be a powerful tool. Airtable expert Scott Rose starts this beginner course with the basics, presenting how to create a table and how fields work—including text and number fields, date/time fields, value list fields, attachment fields, and formula fields. Scott demonstrates how to work with records, including how to import external records; how to create, edit, and delete records; how to filter records; and how to sort and group records. Airtable gives you several different ways to view your data, and Scott walks through all the view options: Calendar, Gallery, Kanban, and Form views. You’ll learn how to link tables and how to incorporate lookup fields. Finally, Scott offers recommendations for how to continue learning more about Airtable.

Hope you enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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