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I recently added two new scripts to my Automation Helper Scripts, based on recurring situations that I keep seeing in this community.

  • sumTwoNumbers. This script adds two numbers together and outputs the sum. Use this script to increment a number field without using a formula field that just adds one to an existing field.
  • useAlternativeValue. This script inputs a main value and an alternative value. If the main value is not blank, the script outputs the main value. If the main value is blank, the script outputs the alternative value. This script shines when you want to use an alternative value when the result of a "Find Records" action is blank.

If you have already purchased my Automation Helper Scripts, you can get these new scripts by logging into your Gumroad account.

These Automation Helper Scripts are fairly short. Most are only a handful of lines of code. They are designed for the following types of people.

  • You just want working code and purchasing these helpers is faster and easier than searching for existing scripts on the internet or fighting with ChatGPT scripts that may or may not work.
  • You want to learn scripting in Airtable and want to examine some simple scripts that do real things to see how they work.
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