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With all the live-streaming meetings that my family currently has, I wanted a one week rotating calendar, where I could enter all the events for a week and the events would always show up for the current week indefinitely, without creating any new records. Then everyone could subscribe to the shared calendar in their favorite calendar app.

Here is a simplified version of the base that I created.

This base lets you create a rotating one week calendar of activities. Enter your activities, select the day of week for each activity, and enter the start and end times. Formulas will calculate the dates for the current week so you can see the activities on in a calendar view and subscribe to the calendar in your favorite calendar app. When you view the calendar next week, all of the activities will show for on that week.

Enter start and end times in military time. For example, 1:30pm would be 13:30.

Setup your time zone by editing the time zone in the formula in the “Set time zone” view.

If you have a free or plus account, all activities will show as one hour in the calendar. If you have a Pro or higher account, you can setup the calendar to show end times as well.

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