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Paylist - Monetize Your Airtable Data

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Dear Airtable community,

Jake & Max here from Paylist :moneybag: :scroll:

We are creating a new way for you to monetize Airtable databases. You will be able to charge a one-time access fee, a recurring subscription, or based on usage.

Monetization of Airtable databases will open up an entirely new range of revenue-generating opportunities for people who curate great content online (or just curators as we call them). Use cases for database monetization include:

  • Curation of art and collectibles
  • Job boards and people to hire
  • Curated lists of recipes or blogs
  • Aggregated educational resources about a specific topic
  • Geographical data about specific topics
  • Music playlists
  • Upcoming conferences, concerts and other events
  • Lists of influencers / or people profiles in specific sectors

This is not an exhaustive list, and we are excited to see what other use cases you all come up with.

If you have a use case for Paylist or are working on something similar, let’s set up a 30-minute video call to discuss. We want to learn about you and how our product could be helpful for your needs.

You can schedule the call here or reply directly on the forum.

We will respect your time and provide unique incentives to early users and supporters of the project.

Thank you in advance from,

Jake & Max

:moneybag: :scroll: :moneybag: :scroll: :moneybag: :scroll: :moneybag: :scroll:

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Thanks in advance for all of your support!