Pharmacy Inventory management system using Airtable and n8n

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer



This system is used to keep track of the sales for a pharmacy business and provide stats and data such as number of items available, total sales both weekly and daily, and also sync the data between the different tables available

We created a few tables to store the main data such as main inventory of all available items, daily sales, total sales and a sales summary table.

With n8n, we unify this data to work as a single unit that can provide deeper insights on how the business is running

Fun Parts:
1. We can find the total number of items that are remaining after each sale
2. Automatically find daily sumaries for each product sold based on sales
3. Automaiclly calculate the profit ratio for each of the products sold in realtime
4. Notifications for all orders below 20% in stock.
5. The dashboard displays quick stats that are easier to see and follow eg best sales, total items sold in a day etc

What happens when we reach the free airtable limit?

We will be integrating a nocodb backend for storing large data sets. Any sale older than 3 months get archived to nocodb and can be easily accessed via webhooks to populate the new fields with lifetime sales. The original idea had been to use supabase but that would prove a bit technical for the usercompared to noco bd which has almost similar features to those of airtable

A detailed overview can be found here:

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