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Hi there!

If you love to keep track of your plants, landscaping, or gardening, this database might help you out!

Landscaping  Landscaping - Airtable

This base includes all the plants we used to landscape around our home. It includes a gorgeous Gallery view of all your flowers and shrubs.

​I took a picture after each flower and plant was in the ground. The best part was I did it all on my phone using the app.

Fields included are:

  • Plant Name
  • Season Type
  • Plant Type
  • Plant Picture
  • Area Planted
  • Instructions Image
  • Sun
  • Watering
  • Notes
  • Date Planted
  • Record Created Date
  • Plant Status

I’ll be adding more info in blog posts soon. Go to and sign up for my newsletter for updates!

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thank you for the such useful information! I am in the process of decorating my backyard right now, and your ideas have come in very handy. I will say to that I want flowers like Dahlia in the design. I hadn’t thought before about wanting flowers or bushes in my garden because they require a lot of maintenance, but I found an automatic plant waterer on Amazon, and the problem is solved. I will try to attach a photo of the result later.

Awesome! Good luck. My dahlias didn’t survive. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: But lots of other stuff did!

Hannah - - Apps for Airtable - Dashboards, Forms, Backups, and Documents