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18 - Pluto

I am the author of the Prefilled Forms extension. Over the past three years, many people have successfully used it to generate formulas for prefilling their Airtable forms with existing record data. Airtable does not give third party developers usage statistics, but I was told at one point that it was the most popular third party extension and that thousands of people use it every month.

However, Airtable recently released changes in the share url for forms which breaks my extension. Airtable now includes the base ID in the url instead of just the share ID. I found out about this change from users contacting me saying that my extension no longer works. Due to the volume, I am posting here instead of quietly replying to these support requests individually.

The workaround for this change is very simple. When copy/pasting the url of the shared form, manually remove the base ID from the url. The extension will then continue to work as normal, and the share url will work as it always has without the base ID in it. (Eventually Airtable may deprecate share urls without base IDs, but my current tests indicate that they still work.)

For example, if the share url for your form is, instead use

I have submitted the code change for my extension to Airtable. However, there is no way for me to tell if anyone at Airtable is aware that I submitted those code changes, and I have no idea when those changes will be reviewed and made available. Once Airtable finishes its code review and makes the new code available, existing installations should update automatically.

Please keep in mind that this is a completely free extension. I have never charged for this extension, and get no compensation from Airtable for it. There are no premium licenses for this particular extension, and I do not intend to ever charge for it. However, if you would like to show your appreciation or commiserate, please visit my Ko-Fi page.

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Airtable has now released the updated version of Prefilled Forms. The extension should automatically update the for you. Thank you Airtable for getting this update out.

If it doesn't you can reload the extension, or delete and reinstall the extensions.



4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello Kuovonne, thanks a lot for this extension 🙂

But when I copy the base to an other workspace or just copy, the prefill is not dynamic and the url of the form is always the url of the first base ...