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ReportBin - reconstituting forms for review, generating reports

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Wanted to share a great experience I’m having with ReportBin.

Use case: we work with athletes and provide them with career coaching to help them figure out what their post-competition life will look like. within a broader curriculum, we have individual homework assignments which are collected either through Airtable forms (when simple) or one-off custom forms built from scratch.

after the athlete completes an assignment, it then needs to be reviewed by their career coach and the athlete which is where ReportBin has been a total life saver.

after setting up the template for each assignment, we were able to use zapier to build a workflow where as soon as an athlete submits something, we generate a ReportBin report and the link gets written back into our Airtable. the report looks like this.

i started working with Sam at ReportBin a few months ago and the pace of their development has been awesome. as a non-developer, this was a great solution for me and was way easier than trying to figure out integromat.

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Thanks for sharing. Are you using a paid Zapier account for your integration? I am guessing so just given you probably need quick turnaround for your reports to generate but just curious.

I’d be interested in this for some use cases in the future as the report looks cool and linking it back to an Airtable base would be awesome.

hi Alex, i am using a paid Zapier account. but thinking through it, for our use case, even the 15-minute delay (which i think is how often zaps run for unpaid Zapier accounts?) would be fine for us since i don’t think career coaches are reviewing assignments real-time.

there is also functionality in ReportBin to run reports on entire tables vs. individual rows so the platform is flexible.

hope this helps!

Very helpful, thank you!

Can you repost that link? It’s going nowhere for me

hi Mack, can you try a hard refresh? i sometimes run into this issue but that usually solves it. can you also try opening it in an incognito window?

Hi everyone it’s Sam from ReportBin. Thanks Minji for your kind words, really appreciate it. It has been awesome working with you to improve ReportBin and seeing it providing real values to your business!

@Alex_Wolfe can I contact you regarding your use cases? We’re looking to work closely with customers to improve ReportBin.

@Mac thanks for noticing, I’ve fixed the bugs making public reports inaccessible, all should be working fine now.

@all: let me know if you have any questions regarding ReportBin, or generating reports from AirTable in general, we’re happy to help! Also, if you sign up for ReportBin, don’t forget to mention you’re from the AirTable community, we might be able to give some discount.

P/S: in addition to ReportBin, we also built to help with creating advanced forms for AirTable, check it out!

Thanks for asking Sam. At the moment, I do not think I have enough information to provide meaningful use cases for you, but I will certainly keep this on my radar going forward for some future projects.

There might be something really interesting that could be done between table2site and formnano’s ability to edit existing records. @poehah Potentially, I can now view Airtable data and edit that data from a web UI, without logging into Airtable. Might be useful when trying to extend Airtable use to individuals without giving them access to the Airtable itself.

Something like this:

AirTable backend:


Formnano - Airtable

Explore the "Formnano" base on Airtable.

If the form would open in a pop up window that would be perfection.

ReportBin is great @Minji_Ro! we added to resource directory here:

cool, thanks! i’ve been looking for a list like this for so long - what a lifesaver. i really appreciate it!