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With schools closed and many students switching to school-at-home, it can be difficult for both students and their parents to keep track of all the assignments and live online classes they suddenly find themselves having.

This base blends time-tested practices used for years by many school-at-home and homeschooling families with the ease of Airtable’s available-on-any-device technology. It leverages calendar views, search block, summary block, and fun emoji to make it easy to see what needs to be done. Perfect for students who can now get Airtable Pro free for two years.

This planner is simple enough that a middle school student has used it independently, yet it is powerful enough for high school and beyond. For elementary students, parents should plan to set up the assignments, but even young students can check off their own assignments. For pre-readers and emerging readers, just use emoji for the assignments instead of words.

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