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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Introducing Paytable -


We’ve spent the last 4 months working on a new tool that helps your build a simple one-page membership site to connect your audience to your airtable bases. You can also embed the check out and log in to your own site easily.

Our solution is an iframe reader where you shared view url is hidden. You can also optionally add us a collaborator to any of your bases and we will auto generate new shared view urls for you, on the regular meaning only logged in paying customers see your updated database views. Simple and secure.

We’re currently in waitlist as we put the finishing touches together but you can learn all about the new tool and what’s to come here here -

  • Easily charge subscriptions for Airtable access
  • Build a subscription business based around your curated Airtable content.
  • Customisable and simple one-page sites
  • Add your own branding, colours and fonts.
  • Or… embed the checkout and log in to your site with just one line of code.
  • Simple iframe solution with embedded shared view urls
  • Auto generate new shared view urls for you
  • Get insights and Track subscribers
  • Easily Revoke access (cancelation, refund etc)

Paytable is the perfect solution for Airtable curators, or makers selling access to their curated stacks of resources, galleries, checklists etc.

We don’t touch your api, we just let you create a simple, beautiful one page site to promote, sell and share your Airtable content with your base embedded in our reader.

For more information check out our site currently in waitlist -

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