Sync website pages to an airtable base [for marketeers]

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

TLDR: i built something that syncs all the pages from your websites sitemap to an airtable base and keeps it up to date


In the last months I've been more involved in marketing at our company. The first thing I noticed is that outside of the CMS we don't have an overview of all the pages on our website. This makes it hard to answer simple questions like:

- what are the newest 5 pages on our website?
- how many case studies do we have published?
- what's the most outdated/last outdated page on our website?

We're using contentful in the background and I know I could log in and look for published pages, but even then some of those questions can't be answered without setting up filters and understanding the content model.

As a long term airtable fan I wanted to coordinate all the marketing work (todos, reviews, new content) in an airtable base. With the power of interfaces, forms, views I could set up a great workflow to keep track of our efforts.

Turns out that if you have over 100 pages in your sitemap and you want to consistently sync them to an airtable base it's much harder than you think so I first wrote a script that read the sitemap and talked to airtable API. Then I found out that the API starts complaining with too many request so had to be smart about retrying/backing off....

After a few nights of dealing with those issues I've been using the syncing code for a few months now. It's helped me identify issues with the site (missing titles, irrelevant descriptions, missing status codes) and any time I showed it to a colleague or friend they asked me if i can sync their site too.

So decided to create a website where you can set this up. It's free as I'm not thinking about commercialising it at all. I just hope that the usage will stay reasonable so it fits my hosting/firebase subscription.

If you want to test it send me a message. Not going to post the url here as this might be against the rules. Quick video in attachment to show you how it works


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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Looks great! Couldn't figure out how to find your site, however…