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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the airtable team. As an educator, looking ahead to school closure, you have saved the day! My students in 2nd grade are already able to use it by themselves. Now, I can just send home the links and my students can go ahead with their studies and have the comfort that with so many things different they know how to use it! Thank you!!!

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Thank you so much for sharing your use case with the Airtable Community! If you have any questions about using Airtable, feel free to reach out.

Airtable has so much potential as an educational tool! I’ve used Airtable for educational purposes, and it worked fabulously. (Airtable has been struggling a bit today, but I think that is due to the unprecedented global demand for internet access.)

If you end up having time ( :rofl: ), would you be able to check back in later and let us know how you used it with your students?

  • Do you use Airtable in conjunction with other LMS tools like Schoology or Moodle? What about in conjunction with video conferencing products like Adobe Connect or Zoom?

  • Do students just use the read-only shared views? Do students submit info in forms? Do students have their own Airtable accounts and are they allowed to edit data? (If so, are you using the Field and table editing permissions beta to control what they can edit?)

  • Are your students using Airtable on computers, tablets, or phones?

Feel free to ignore my questions, as I’m sure you are totally swamped with figuring out online teaching. When I taught online I had several months to prepare and even then there were hiccups once things got underway.

I just use it alone on the smartboard. I haven’t ventured into any other areas but if this continues I might have to. Students at this point only have shared view. I actually didn’t think about having them edit data. That is a great idea for them to have their own space to put data or questions. I only opened that up to my clinical students from the university to use. I am assuming they will be using it on computers, tablets and phones.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

We love hearing stories like this and are so happy to see that you’ve joined our Airtable community. Welcome and thank you for sharing your story! :grinning:

After talking with you, you gave me the idea for each student to have their own base where they can upload, ask questions or just say hi instead of having to email or
having to have their own airtable!
Thanks for the idea.

Having a completely different base for each student would probably be a lot to keep up with. Instead, you might want one base so that you can see everything in one place, then then have a different filtered view for each student. Each student would get the url for just his or her own filtered view. Each student would have a slightly different url for to submit info (the url would prefill the student’s name).

However, unless you are already familiar with Airtable, this might be a bit much to setup, and you would probably have to have the parents enter the info in the form instead of the students. It might be easier in the long run use an LMS.