Upcoming AATT stream: All about page designer

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Heyo! Aron here.

I’m on the education team at Airtable but in my spare time (even before joining Airtable), I would stream no-code workflows on Airtable on my Automate All the Things Youtube channel. I stream every week on Wednesday at 1PM EST.

Tomorrow, I’ll be streaming how to use the Page designer app to auto create invoices, scripts, its limitations and workarounds (and much more :slightly_smiling_face: ). All details are here.

If you’ve got ideas for what I should cover next, let me know!

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Hi @Aron

Could you share the formula you mentioned for extracting the filename of the attachements to use in pagedesigner please? I was wondering if you couldn’t just insert the attachment field itself instead of using the filename in the image field?

Hey Jan!

There are a few ways to write the formula. I got mine from here: Formula to get image attachment url

You can use an image field when you want to display an image from a record but you have to use the URL when you want a static image (a background or logo).

Hope that helps!

Works like a charm, thanks!

Yes, forgot that static part for a moment :blush: