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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Trying to create a filter in interface where all my firelds within the filter are checkboxe field ..  

Why: I'm looking for a hack to work around poor formatting that turns off my audience new to AT.


Each checkbox must perfectly align for that data point to show up.. the default blank.. Does not give option to not filter if Empty. 

make sense to anyone? 


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What do you mean?



4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


kind of  -  hope this makes sense..

If both are unchecked.. sorts all blank but its filtering as if Empty where is selected

If check 1 =checked , it sorts all yes in check one 1, and all empty in check 2  - fine 

But if you a check 3: 

check 1 = checked ,  check 2 - empty ,  check 3 = checked  

in this case, it leaves out data where check 1 = checked & check 3 = blank 

Again.. the main reason I am doing this to make a simple set of check filters for the user.. 



Sorry, but I'm still can't understand what's the problem,
Checkbox can only be checked or unchecked,  exactly 2 options, like  "1" or "0"
Empty equals unchecked.
If you want ternary logic, with 'empty', choose single-select with any options, for example


Update: now I understand!!!  You want user to be able, for any checkbox field to 'show only checked' or 'show only unchecked' or 'empty/undefined etc. (this field doesn't affect filtering)'. Yes, ternary logic can help you.

Also consider multiselect field - it can combine several filters in 1 field