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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Heya community! Dan (@openside) and the team have been hard at work making our own slew of tools to compliment Airtable. Today I’m excited to announce they are now live!

Here’s what we’ve been making:

rsz_icon-boltnm-300x300 Actions - Advanced connector to integrate Airtable with your other software tools

tasks-altnm-300x262 Forms - Sophisticated Airtable forms with extended features

draw-polygonnm-300x300 Schema - Monitor and be notified when anything in your Airtable schema changes

cloud-uploadnm-300x210 Backups - Automated backups for your Airtable bases

icon-tornadonm-300x300 Scripts - Specialized script manager to integrate with Airtable’s scripting block

warehousenm-300x240 Storage - Secure storage and proxy for your Airtable script data

Our new site just launched where you can go check them all out here. We’d love for you to give them a try with a free trial (link on the site). If it’s a fit, go ahead and use coupon “ON2AIR10” for a discount on any app bundle as a thank you for giving it a try!

We really think we’ve made the best tools for Airtable out there, and know it wouldn’t be possible without you all using and helping us improve them along the way.

Go check them out, and cheers!

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