With Database Upgrade Coming Tomorrow (Friday Oct 15th) - Now is a Good time to Think about Backups

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With the upcoming upgrade tomorrow, now is a good time to think about your Airtable Backups Strategy. Of course, we all hope and expect the upgrade to go smoothly, but having a backup of your data outside of Airtable is always an Industry Best Practice. It’s an insurance piece of mind to know your have an external backup of your data in case of outages, accidental (or intentional) deletion of data/attachments, etc.

Don’t worry if you’re not performing backups - you’re not alone! But today is the day to start.

On2Air has you covered if you’re ready to start! For the fist 20 signups to our Backups solution, you can get a 20% off your initial subscription period (bigger savings on annual plan!)

Check out the service:
and on checkout use promo code: BACKUPNOW

Oh and don’t forget to turn off any external automations (zapier, integromat, on2air, etc) you have running to avoid the error messages that will come while the Airtable database is down tomorrow!

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