2GB of attachments per base on FREE PLAN

Hey guys,

Is 2GB files the most I can upload, or that’s just the maximum amount of files that can be stored in one base?
If I delete that record/file, will I free my space, or that’s just the maximum I can upload, no matter if I delete files or not.


Hi @LuckyWheels_Admin
I believe the 2GB is the max storage your base is allocated.

Once my base has been marked as “Over limits” am I immediately blocked from adding to that base?

After a base reaches its plan’s record or attachment storage limit, we do not immediately restrict you from adding more information to the over-limit base. We provide a reasonable timeframe to either upgrade the workspace or to bring the base back within its plan’s limits.

I just deleted some information from my base and it’s now under the plan limit. Why do I still see the “Over limits” badge?

The “Over limits” badge will take a few hours to update, even after bringing the base down within its plan’s limits.

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Note that deleting an attachment will not immediately free up the attachment space. The deleted attachment will still take up that space for the duration of the base history so that the attachment can be restored if you need to restore a previous version.

The attachment limit is a soft limit. When you reach the limit you will get warnings but no immediate loss of functionality.

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So, I’m not sure If I understood you right, but what’s the duration of the base history? Do you mean this 2-week revision and snapshot history?
Does that mean once when I delete the attachment, it will take 2 weeks for that base to “gain back” an additional space?

Yes. This is what I mean.

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