A client portal where they can action tasks

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Long time coda.io user switching over to airtable as my business grows.

A key feature I love is the ease of building UI’s over the top of the databases.

I’ve done some research but haven’t been able to come up with an answer.

Using softr.io, stacker or any other alternative… can you have an ‘embeded’ table where the data can be changed.

Basically, I want the full functionality of the airtable ‘table’ / ‘view’ to be in a client portal, a long with other items such as invoices etc./

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More knowledgable people than me will chip in I am sure but I’m afraid this is an often asked for feature of Airtable. I believe it was accidentally released by Airtable as a feature not long ago - then hastily redacted.

@_DP Yes, MiniExtensions.com, softr.io, and Stacker are 3 popular portal tools that allow your clients to edit their own records. A newer one is Glide, which I believe offers the same thing.

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Yes and no. Various portals will let your users edit the data. However, thus far none of them allow inline editing in a table format. You need to open a special screen for editing one record at a time.

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MiniExtensions.com allows inline editing for all field types in a table/grid format — including attachment fields and linked record fields!

Here’s an editable demo.

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Scott, thanks for that demo from MiniExtensions. It is very close to what I would consider inline editing in a grid but not completely. There is still a pop-up editing window, but at least it only shows that one single cell.

Hey all, just an update - Glide is perfect! Thanks @ScottWorld thanks @kuovonne

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That’s great to hear! I’ll have to check out Glide sometime soon — I’ve heard some good things about it.

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