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I am an Airtable user on a Team plan ($24 a month). I want to invite a collaborator to see their own tasks and update their status eg. ‘to do’ to ‘ done’ and add a comment. I am going to have lots of task owners – but to invite them all is going to cost $24 each a month for essentially a very simple limited use of Airtable from their part?


I need my table to be in the ‘Team’ space for the additional color and formatting although my ‘task editors’ don’t need to be in that space.


Is there a cost effective way of setting up the above?


Kind regards


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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi @andrewb9,

Unfortunately in the use case of the team plan, anyone who is going to be able to interact with the data is going to be charged as a collaborator. The exception is to have them as a read only collaborator. You can read more here.

As a suggestion, you could invite them as a read only collaborator and create a form that they could use to trigger the events you described above.

You could use a third-party portal. I wrote a little about it here. Most third party portals charge a flat monthly.