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Resolved! Published Universe Template Not Accurate

Hello. I've been working on a database template to share with other organizations doing similar work. I've recently published that template to the Airtable Universe, but two views are not transferring correctly. These two views are filtered views, an...

barreea by 4 - Data Explorer
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Personalised/custom URL previews/icon

As a future feature request, would anyone else benefit from the preview links for URLs being more personalised?I send out a lot of forms via email to people in my network, but often when they're in the field they contact me and ask me to send the lin...

How to send line breaks to webhook

Hi I'm not a programmer so bear with me, i found a script online that can send information to a webhook for another automation.i have defined the following fields in the input.config( ) panelnumbers (works)message (this is a block of text with line b...

Pricing Team vs Enterprise

I work for a small institute. We'd have only 2 (max 3) editors on AirTable. Do I understand correctly that for Team it'd be 40dollars/month (for two editors) and with Enterprise it'd be 45dollars/month (for unlimited? editors)?What would you recommen...

Shein by 4 - Data Explorer
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Airtable Expert

I am in search of a roadmap to becoming a certified expert on Airtable. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?Would be greatly appreciated. 

Exceeding Data Limits on Free Version

Hi all. I have the free version of Air Table and it says I have exceeded storage capacity, however I am still able to upload attachments. Anyone know why that might be? Thanks in advance. 

parks by 4 - Data Explorer
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Can I view my future Airtable invoices?

I have an annual Airtable payment due on December 7, 2023. I have to get prior approval for all software purchases, and I need to submit an official invoice for the approval. I can only see my past invoices (Nov. 2023 and before). Is there a way to s...

Is it possible to get help from Airtable anymore?

Sometimes the Community is helpful in solving a problem, but sometimes we need more support than this. When I first started using Airtable, it was possible to get support  - good support! - from a human being. At this point, I can find no way to do s...

Brooke by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Automation Email - inserted grid - date order issue

Hi Aweome Airtable Community. Please could you help me understand what I am doing wrong or enlighten me as to why this is happening?I have attached a sample of the Automated email that is sent to our client with a copy of all their appointment in a g...

Terri_Martin by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Contact information for Airtable support

I have to get approval for all software on an annual basis. The software request form now requires the name and phone number of a support person from Airtable before I can renew for next year. There are no exceptions to this rule. Does anyone have a ...

Linking Records with URL

Hi, I'm trying to link two tables.  One of my tables (Inventory) has a URL field that I'd like to reference in the other table (Customer Project).  All the fields have linked well except the URL isn't working on the field I linked to (Customer Projec...

Resolved! Move individual records

Good morning.I use Airtable to inventory my craft supplies.I have built a new workspace, exactly like my first one. I am trying to move individual records from the first base to the second base.I am not techy (read senior citizen) and need the simple...

Resolved! MAKE Airtable Search Records Formula not retrieving Record

I've come across a strange issue.Using MAKE (aka Integromat) I'm using an Airtable Search Records module with the following formula:AND(Lower({Email (from Members)}) = "{{lower(2.`recipient email`)}}", {Order Number} = "{{51.`$1`}}")It accepts it but...

GLS-74 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Unable to view Getting Started webinar

I am unable to view Getting Started webinar. Each time I click on it, it takes me to registration page. I can't even find an email address to contact AirTable. The bot is worthless. Please help, thank you.

Sotar_Rua by 4 - Data Explorer
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Where can I find demo bases used in webinars?

I'm watching the "introduction to interface designer" webinar on-demand but in the recording there is no "related content" section for me to find the template/base used in the webinar. Tried searching for it as well, but couldn't find it anywhere. An...

hmcramer by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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