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Resolved! After Pro trial ended I cannot unlock the view

Hello,I'm a fresh user of Airtable. During Pro trial I created some basic table with a form for people to sign up for an event. To avoid any accidental changes to the form after it was shared, I locked that form.Now the trial period has ended and I c...

pwes by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Limit on Collabrators

Simple and easy question, I plan on using airtable with a group of 25 for a project. Is it possible that I can allow all of them to edit on the free plan?

Mit_Patel by 4 - Data Explorer
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How to Allow Multiple @domains On Grid-View Sharing Link

When creating a sharing link to any of the views (Grids, calendars, etc) within my Base, I have the option to allow viewing only from a particular @domain. Is it possible to add multiple domains to this option, or can I only designate one?Or, I can o...

Jason_Eskin by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Integrate Airtable with Google Looker (Data) Studio

Hi Airtable Community,I am wanting to create dashboards to represent my data from Airtable, using Google Looker Studio. What is the best way to get my data from Airtable into Looker Studio automatically? I have tried using the 3rd party Airtable Conn...

Ryan_Banks by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Email for Forms

Hi All,somehow one of my forms, accessed through a QR is asking for an email address to access it.all the other ones aren't, but this is. It has been working ok for at least a year.has someone changed the settings, if so how do I fix? thanks 

Tom007 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Tabbing through fields on expanded records broken?

Myself and few of my users have noticed that using the keyboard Tab key to move through fields in an expanded record has stopped working as expected.It appears to be moving through multiple elements before the next input and then there's no focus rin...

Where do I send my collaborators to log in?

I see the confirmation on my account page that all of my collaborators have joined. However, it was a few months ago for some and they do not remember accepting or logging in. Where can I send them to login if they don't know or remember creating a p...

kberry by 4 - Data Explorer
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Auto Update Airtable in Stacker?

Hi everyone, I have an Airtable base with 17 collaborators. 2 of them are admins that check if everything is good on the base, update records, etc., and the rest of them put each day their working time through airtable forms. These times automaticall...

View all place my base is syncing too

Is there an way to view all of the bases that my base is syncing too? Meaning I have base A that is being synced to base C,E,F Is there an extension or way to see that those are where my base is syncing too? Or I just have to go into each base and se...

Nocodeman by 4 - Data Explorer
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URL Parameter Filtering Question

Hi everyone, Is there a way to URL parameter encode a filter that filters multiple choices at the same time? Example:, or ?filterRegion=Region1+Region2 It only seems to allo...

Resolved! Shared views expanded by default, I want them collapsed

I am trying to share specific views of my Airtable base, I specifically want users to see the Tables I am sharing collapsed into their groups, as it makes lots more sense for them to be able to drill down. However, despite me collapsing all within th...

Resolved! managing (and paying for) users in my workspace

I built a base for a project, and shared it with several users with editor privs. I added them to my own workspace, and thus assumed responsibility for the cost of their (Pro) accounts. There are a lot of bases in my Pro workspace, but I'm only shari...

Managing multiple projects

Hi!I need to create and handle from one main account different projects. Each one of them may have different team members, and at the same time it can happen that I don't want all team members in a project to be able to see all the information. Also,...

ariana by 4 - Data Explorer
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