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quickly open the airtale record from calendar

How do i insert a link in the calendar notes so that when I click that link, it should open the airtale record in just one click? Currently, I have to click twice to open the record on the browser. 

Jay_P by 7 - App Architect
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Understanding script for a newbie

Adam_TheTimeSav helped me with a script using Tampermonkey. See Solved: Re: How to make a colorful kanban board - Airtable Community// ==UserScript==// @name Airtable - Change Kanban background// @author Adam - The Time Saving Company// @match https:...

Multiple base syncing

We have 3 bases.1. Complete database -  Where we keep and use final data2. Onboarding data and cleaning base - Where scraped data is uploaded and prepped to be pushed to complete database. Here we catch missing data points and where data doesn't matc...

Resolved! Script documentation

Thanks to Adam_TheTimeSav and his post Solved: Re: How to make a colorful kanban board - Airtable Community I have installed Tampermonkey and changed the background color of my Kanban board.I would like to go further and change colors for tasks and s...

Sam_Stamport by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Option to run extension in background

We have been using Airtable as our internal database and have built some simple scripting extensions to update data from our backend. Every row has an Update button and clicking on it runs the scripting extension showing a dialog box which somewhat c...

peace2103 by 4 - Data Explorer
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attachment column to not exceed 2 MB

Hey ATeam, My base is synced with an online app to schedule and send content to whatsapp groups. the app that i work with has a limit of 2MB per upload file. so Im limited and looking for an option to compress attachments based on their file size whi...

create several record at once with images

Hello,Previously in Airtable, it was possible to just drag and drop a serie of images on the + icon of a gallery view and all the records was automatically created with the image and his filename. It was great to create story boards or catalogs with ...

benoit by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Need Help creating a laundry Booking system

HelloI need help with creating a Laundry Booking systemLooking to create a calendar view with the ability to let people book a time slot to use one of the Washing or Drying machines in my Building.The booking info can then be displayed on another tab...

Bertie by 4 - Data Explorer
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