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Conditional Formula (IF & AND)

I'm trying to set up a formula and could use some help. The first part is simple and is working: IF(Actuals <= {Approved/Expected Amount}," On Track"," Over Budget") However I would like it to provide a different result ("Profit") if the Type of reco...

Resolved! How to automatically generate a checklist

I am using a customized version of the Employee onboarding Template base. The template seems to be set up to duplicate the base for every new hire that is being onboarded. I would like to use one base that generates a checklist for the employer onboa...

brianna_eagen by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! How to require a 10 digit phone number on an Airtable form?

Form question for you all. I need to capture phone number on an Airtable form however I can't figure out how to require it be entered as a 10 digit number so that area code is captured. The Phone number field type does not require the response to be ...

Data_Team by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! "Unsharing" past events

HiI am scheduling a festvial, and I need to create a way to "unshare" past events, so the beginning of the week doesn’t pop up on the last day.Is this possible?All the best, Uffe from KlaDa

KlaDa by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Using IF/Concatenate for dimensions

I'm trying to represent dimensions using concatenate and IF statements but it's not working.This is what I'm going forIf HEIGHT and WIDTH then H x W in.If HEIGHT and WIDTH and LENGTH then H x W x L in.If DIAMETER then D dia.I managed to get the first...

Dgmknzgrl by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Scripting: Creating backlog of records: Attendance tracker

We are moving student metrics to Airtable and I am trying to create a backlog of attendance records for our students since they started. (we have two campus's with seperate start dates). I have an automation working fine for populating records with e...

Resolved! Open url button opens a new tab

The open url button field you can create always opens a new tab, and i don't want it to do that, is there any way i can modify the formula so it doesn't open a new tab? I can make a script field instead that stops this but i really don't want to spen...

Webflow checkbox form to Airtable Multiselect

Hello I am attempting transfer checkbox data from webflow form using checkbox fields for multiple selects it returns a value of TrueTrueTrueFalseFalseFalseFalseFalseFalse via webhook what is the best approach to convert the true false value to multis...

Webflow to Airtable (2).jpg
Sanjiovani by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Airtable Forms - Security

Hello Airtable Community,Is there capability within forms to capture ip addresses from those submitting the forms?  I would like to ensure that the form is being submitted by the persons intended and not forwarded or submitted twice.  How secure are ...

Mei by 4 - Data Explorer
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Override a cell that contains a formula

I have a base that I use to manage our shipping materials. The "Material's On Hand" is calculated by a formula. I would like to have the option to override this formula if I enter data in a form. The override field is titled "Cycle Count Override". I...