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Search Results not complete. What's the remedy?

Dear Airtable Community,We are evaluating if Airtable were a great choice to store our knowledge base. Until now, I was pretty convinced, but now I came across a pretty strange phenomena. We have a database of relevant articles, where we have a field...

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jonas by 4 - Data Explorer
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Mock data generator extension

I would like to create an extension that will generate mock data using the faker.js library.I would want it to ask me which table I want to generate the data & how many rows (maximum 50 due to the limitation in Airtable).It should also exclude the au...

yiddy by 4 - Data Explorer
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Understanding script for a newbie

Adam_TheTimeSav helped me with a script using Tampermonkey. See Solved: Re: How to make a colorful kanban board - Airtable Community// ==UserScript==// @name Airtable - Change Kanban background// @author Adam - The Time Saving Company// @match https:...

Resolved! Randomize coordinates within a given radius

Hi everyone,I need to show people on a map but for privacy concerns I would like to change the exact position randomly. I found a ruby script that is doing exactly what I need : do you think it could be possible to turn it into an airtable script or ...

le_Labo_M by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Extension Dashboard dependent on Table Selected

Hi allIs there a way to only show a certain Extension Dashboard dependent on the current Table view selected? For example, if I'm in Table A, I only want to see the extension dashboard that is relevant to Table A without having to select and change t...

Stephen by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Option to run extension in background

We have been using Airtable as our internal database and have built some simple scripting extensions to update data from our backend. Every row has an Update button and clicking on it runs the scripting extension showing a dialog box which somewhat c...

peace2103 by 4 - Data Explorer
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attachment column to not exceed 2 MB

Hey ATeam, My base is synced with an online app to schedule and send content to whatsapp groups. the app that i work with has a limit of 2MB per upload file. so Im limited and looking for an option to compress attachments based on their file size whi...

Rename attachments using values from other field

Hi everyone, I have a bunch of records and have used the QR Code Generator extension to generate a QR Code and save it to an attachment field. The problem with this is that each QR code has the same filename (as there’s no option to rename the file),...

Kevin_Parmar by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Create pdf and store it as attachment

I would like to generate a PDF out of a record (to easily visualize the data) and attach the record as an attachment. I would like to do this for all the records in my base. Any ideas on how to do this using either a script or Zapier/Integromat, poss...

Stacked graph based on multiple columns/fields

Dear all, I am new to Airtable and am trying to recreate a simple design I had in google sheets. In short, I have in one table: Days of the week as rowsAnd for each day/row a column with time spend per part of my job (e.g., research, education, manag...

Extension for getting URL into embedded Airtable form?

Hi! I’m trying to figure out how to ‘get’ the url of the page my form is on. I’m deploying an embedded airtable form into hundreds of articles (We run a news site). I can not manually put the url in. Most forms will tell you ‘where’ a user filled it ...

Error on extension submit proccess

Hi everyone! We are having some troubles to submit our extension. We are having this error message when try ‘block submit’: Packaging… Incomplete Error: Dependencies cannot be on multiple disks. Code: submitCommandWindowsMultipleDisks Any hint or sol...

M_Rom by 4 - Data Explorer
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Extension that allows a preview of an instagram grid

I would like to use a content calendar to create a mockup or preview of my instagram grid based on the dates and images in a record, so that I don’t need to go outside of airtable to preview it. Has anyone found or built a solution that does this?

Download/Print Chart Blocks

I’m a new user in the wonderful world of Airtable but can’t find a way to further implement my chart blocks. Can they be used on page designer? Is there a report generator feature I’m missing? Any download options? Ideally I’d like to generate a repo...