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quickly open the airtale record from calendar

How do i insert a link in the calendar notes so that when I click that link, it should open the airtale record in just one click? Currently, I have to click twice to open the record on the browser. 

Jay_P by 7 - App Architect
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Script for Field Widths

I'm feeling like I may have more OCD tendencies than I thought. It's driving me nuts that I can't set a field width for the columns in Airtable. Usually in Excel, I would make columns that contain like data the same width, not being able to do that i...

Resolved! Decreasing Available Volunteer Slots Using Forms

Hello Airtable Community, I'm creating a form where I need a specific number of volunteers for each area of an event I'm planning, for example, I need 5 volunteers on Saturday from 9am-12pm; 5 volunteers on Saturday from 12pm-3pm, etc. What can I do ...

Dan_Kennedy by 4 - Data Explorer
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Option to run extension in background

We have been using Airtable as our internal database and have built some simple scripting extensions to update data from our backend. Every row has an Update button and clicking on it runs the scripting extension showing a dialog box which somewhat c...

peace2103 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Form fields conditional on previous form answers

Our clients fill out two separate Airtable forms, one after the other. I'd like the questions on Form #2 to be filtered according to their responses in Form #1.As far as I can see, the only filtered conditions you can set are based on answers in the ...

Shev by 4 - Data Explorer
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