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Dark Mode Community Update

Hi Airtable!Can you please give the community an update on when dark mode will be implemented in the upcoming New Feature Spotlight on March 8, 2023?Maybe it could fit in the visibility section of the presentation.We're waiting. And we're not recomme...

Reordering Linked Items

Not sure how to make suggestions to Airtable developers, so I'm putting mine here. Am I the only one who would think it'd be cool if we could reorder the items in a linked field's cell? The way that, say, one could reorder songs in a playlist in Spot...

Table / Dashboard relationship help

I want to have an automation/setting/lock that when I click a certain table tab, it switches to a certain dashboard... can I do this ?The reason is in Dashboard 1 I have a map API showing locations based on addresses in that particular table.I want t...

theskiffguy by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Enable rich Text Formatting' feature doesn't work

The 'Enable rich Text Formatting' feature doesn't work in some base but not all.Even if it's activated, I can not see any modal to format the text.I tried with different computers and my phone. I still have this problem.

Lery by 4 - Data Explorer
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Enabling autofill permissions on specific fields in Airtable

Hello,I hope everyone is dong well. I am building an application using airtable and Stackerhq.To keep it brief, I use the autofill function in Stackerhq to autofill a form and the submit those values to Airtable. I think Airtable is not accepting aut...

divjot by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Showing all choices in chart extension

I'm using the chart extension to visualize some data. Nearly all of my questions on the form have 5 answer choices but I have a few questions where no one chose an answer. For example (strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, strongly agree) wher...

Interface Tracking

Hi there - Is there a way I can take an Airtable Form under my tab called "Access Management," and then use an interface that I'd like to create which will track all of the information from the Airtable form? Basically, I am trying to keep track of e...

Brittcav7 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Automatically modify dynamic URL field based on logged-in user

I created this post a couple of years ago and we're still hitting a wall trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this: Dynamic formula to change output based on username viewing the tableI have started thinking about using an external no-code...

jord8on by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Resolved! Airtable form interface users and billing

My goal is to use Airtable to manage orders of materials. The idea is to invite people in charge of the orders as full users in the paid plan, and create a shareable link to a form which could be used by others in our org to order materials - therefo...

qoob by 4 - Data Explorer
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Share tasks without sign-in and allow comments

I am trying to find a way to share tasks with a client without them needing to sign-in but with the ability to leave comments. As of now I like the idea of embedding a view but I have not found how to allow comments (say to give approval or feedback)...


I run a team of 4 Collaborators and I need to share the information with them, but I want that each collaborator could see only the records linked with his name.As instance, I'm the sales director, I can see, add, change and update all the clients an...

Satinale by 4 - Data Explorer
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Look up tables

I have two tables:A list of members with a primary key of membership numberA list of payments made from all members.  It doesn't really have a primary key, but I could make one.  I want it to use the 'foreign' key from the membership table aboveWhat ...

"Today" no longer highlighted when selecting a date

Since yesterday's UI update, when selecting a date, "Today" is no longer highlighted. It used to be and this allowed the user to quickly be aware of today's date, instead of having to take the time to check today's date, orient themselves within the ...


Chaining two actions from a single interface button

I've been unable to find or devise a way of chaining two actions in a row, triggered from a button on an interface.I'd like to automate two actions with a single button:run a script to prepare some data and,take the user to another interface, where t...

Grunty by 7 - App Architect
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