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Quick and very dumb question about using date fields

Heya, I'm setting up my first timeline view and using date fields for the first time, and feeling like a complete moron because I cannot figure out for the life of me where I am supposed to enter the actual date here, this UI is not making any sense ...

Multiple base syncing

We have 3 bases.1. Complete database -  Where we keep and use final data2. Onboarding data and cleaning base - Where scraped data is uploaded and prepped to be pushed to complete database. Here we catch missing data points and where data doesn't matc...

Count unique client visits

I'm helping with a local food pantry and shifting their data mgmt from google sheets to airtable. They register clients in a 1-time data entry task, then each time that client visits, they record that visit. So I have a Clients table and ClientVisits...

corb1 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Script for Field Widths

I'm feeling like I may have more OCD tendencies than I thought. It's driving me nuts that I can't set a field width for the columns in Airtable. Usually in Excel, I would make columns that contain like data the same width, not being able to do that i...

HR base and permission levels

HiWhen using the HR base for recruitment purposes, can only set only certain people in the organization to see specific aspects (permission levels) i.e. someone you have recruited and is now internal you would not want seeing who applied for their po...

dianebell by 4 - Data Explorer
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