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Boolean search inside attachments - 2023 update?

Hi Folks,We have one or more attachments (pdf, docx mostly) per record, and want to run a Boolean search on the content of these documents. This is similar to how you can search in Google Drive, Dropbox etc.@kuovonne I saw some of your suggested work...

Vikram by 4 - Data Explorer
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Adding new element to multiselect field

I want to add a new element to my multiselect field. For example, multiselect field is teams and it already has team A, team B, etc. but 'team C' is never inserted. It's a new value for the field.I am doing this: (in python)at = airtable.Airtable(set...

Lookup Field not retrieving values from

I have two Tables in the same Base.One field in the table (APPAREL) should look-up the value in another (SC APPAREL SYNC)Here is the Field (TEST2) in the APPAREL table which should look up the SAMPLE COORDINATOR in the SC APPAREL SYNCAs you can see, ...

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John_Q by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Unable to upload attachments to a record

I am trying to upload an attachment and I am unable to do so.  If I am on another machine, I can upload an attachment by either clicking on the + button or by dragging and dropping a document to a record.  I have checked the permissions, checked in a...

moverall by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Add column to table if field matches field from another table

Hello, friends.I have two tables. Unfortunately I can't change how they're structured, or I would. So I'd love some advice on getting what I need from this setup.The first table, "readers," shows a "profile owner" associated with a "branch." Then the...

table-readers.png table-totals.png
orlibrary by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Choosing a Multiselect Option More Than Once?

Is there a way to choose a multi-select option more than once? For example, if I have a list of A, B, C, D for a job, and that job requires 3 A's and 2 C's, is there a way to choose those options in the multi-select more than once? Right now I can on...

Using the new Data Library feature

I like the idea of the new "data library" feature, but I can't seem to get it to work.  I've made a data set, published and verified it, but when I try to add it into another base I get the error message, "The data set is no longer available. Please ...

JonathanB by 8 - Airtable Astronomer
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Resolved! Merge columns from one table into another

I decided at one point to create an extra table to keep some additional records related to another table. What I did is to create a new table and add a column linking to the original table. So there is supposed to be a 1-1 relationship between the ro...

Timothy_Keitt by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! How do add info to an existing row with a second form?

Hey everyone,I have a temporary accommodation that people apply to.All of my applicants are stored on my Airtable in tab #1 (Applications) once they apply with form #1, which I use as my CRM.Once an applicant is accepted, I send this person form #2 a...

karismaliving by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Printing the data in a table that is not mine

Hello.I am new to AirTable. I am not a software developer. I was given the URL of some research data that somebody compiled on AirTable, and I would like to make use of that data for a project. The table has 2500 records, though, and 21 fields (colum...

acardin by 4 - Data Explorer
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Need additional revision history

Hi, I need to check revision history beyond 1 year. Is there any way I can access that?For example, I noticed that Enterprise level subscriptions can access past 3 years' of history. If I paid for Enterprise, will the history from May 2021 be availab...

L_W by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Some Images/Thumbnails Not Displaying

Until recently, we've had no problems with images and thumbnails displaying in Airtable. Over the last couple of days though, we've had a few images that come through without thumbnails. When you open the record, it shows a 'blank' image (see pics be...

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Resolved! Scripting: Creating backlog of records: Attendance tracker

We are moving student metrics to Airtable and I am trying to create a backlog of attendance records for our students since they started. (we have two campus's with seperate start dates). I have an automation working fine for populating records with e...