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How to Limit the number of character of the record ID fct ?

Hi everyone, I am trying to simplify the record ID function output as I don't need a complex unique ID. 2 solutions:- Is it possible to limit the record ID function to 4 maximum digits ? - Is there any other function that will generate a unique ID co...

jmepok by 4 - Data Explorer
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Mock data generator extension

I would like to create an extension that will generate mock data using the faker.js library.I would want it to ask me which table I want to generate the data & how many rows (maximum 50 due to the limitation in Airtable).It should also exclude the au...

yiddy by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Form into kanban

Hey, i'm looking at a way to populate a kanban record with data that has been populated in a form.The end goal is for users to enter details into a form and that will automatically pull into a kanban board for projects to be started.Any help would be...

Resolved! Adding a new column or row

I encounter an error whenever I add a new column or row. We have a free account. My base currently has 13 columns and 6 rows. Please help.

anne_MOVE by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Some Images/Thumbnails Not Displaying

Until recently, we've had no problems with images and thumbnails displaying in Airtable. Over the last couple of days though, we've had a few images that come through without thumbnails. When you open the record, it shows a 'blank' image (see pics be...

Airtable Image 001.jpg Airtable Image 002.jpg Airtable Image _004.jpg Airtable Image _005.jpg

Media beeing deleted as if I was doing it

Hello, today all my airtable bases are having a bug, when I upload any media, as soon as it fully uploads, I see a Green border on the cell and my avatar and it deletes the media, just as if I was logged in another computer and deleted it myself.It's...

*URGENT* Airtable Forms: "Anonymous edited this record"

Hi everyone, Today is an important deadline day for us, and we are collecting client deliverables through Airtable forms. We have a large influx of form submissions today, and everything was working as expected until about 10:30am MT this morning. I ...

attachment column to not exceed 2 MB

Hey ATeam, My base is synced with an online app to schedule and send content to whatsapp groups. the app that i work with has a limit of 2MB per upload file. so Im limited and looking for an option to compress attachments based on their file size whi...

Virus Scanning attachments

Hi,I'm using attachments in a table and uploading them through the API, running on Glide.My understanding from the small amount of research I've done is that there is no way of scanning attachments for content. We're uploading PDFs into airtable, and...

etallas by 4 - Data Explorer
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squarespace integration with airtable

I have a squarespace website which currently interacts with zapier and airtable to create a new record in my airtable base every time I submit a form on my website. That same form submission also causes an acknowledgement email, containing form data,...

pjm by 4 - Data Explorer
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Filtering by Look up field

Hey all!So I am having a small issue with a report system I am trying to create. I have created everything but I am just not able to filter by dates. Let me give you some context below:The report layout looks like this, I am dragging information from...

Diego34 by 4 - Data Explorer
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New URL too long

Hello,Following the change of URL logic on Airtable, we encounter a problem. We use a database to create eBay listings. So we have a field for image URLs. We use these URLs at the last moment so no problem for the experimentation of this one. But the...

Error in accept submissions or create new records

Hi everybody,I don't know why but either if I give an editor view to some colleagues, they cannot add fields, fill a form.The error is " cannot accept submissions because only some collaborators can create new records" The problem is that there are n...

SFranzini by 4 - Data Explorer
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Form fields conditional on previous form answers

Our clients fill out two separate Airtable forms, one after the other. I'd like the questions on Form #2 to be filtered according to their responses in Form #1.As far as I can see, the only filtered conditions you can set are based on answers in the ...

Shev by 4 - Data Explorer
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