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Long text field issues with copy/pasting

I've contacted support for the first time in the summer of 2022 (!) and I'm still having the same 2 issues: copy/pasting between long text fields doesn't copy the text stylecopy/pasting makes the screen jump from the place in the long text field wher...

Resolved! Sharing Forms with internal staff for completion

I am new to Airtable. I have create a Form to capture Emergency Contact Information. When I shared the link, the end user must register to complete this form. Is there a way to have the employee complete form without having to create an account or re...

HRProduce by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Transferring attachments via Make

I'm trying to move attachments from AT to Google Drive using Make. For some reason when the scenario runs, the files that get created in Drive are invalid. These are small png logo images and when I try to open them in Drive I get an unrecognized fil...

epoortinga by 4 - Data Explorer
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Maintain order across views

Hi,I would like to use Airatble to support my work in prioritizing a list of items.  I would like to be able to drag-and-drop items (records) up and down a list to show items higher in the list are higher priority.Then... I would like to be able to l...

dankelly by 4 - Data Explorer
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Filter "the past number of days" counts today in?

Hello all!I use airtable e.g. for recording and analyzing event data. In event data i have "start" date and time, and "end" date and time.When I set the filter "the past number of days" (e.g. 30 days) to the event data, it would appear that the curre...

Extracting Milestone Dates to Timelines & Gantts

We are looking using a Timeline or perhaps Gantt to assess producer workload at a glance. I have a Gannt and Timeline working at a basic level but need additional detail.I would like our team to input milestone dates into the base spreadsheet for eac...

Gal_R by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Spreadsheet gone

Hi, I need help. I logged into my account and my spreadsheet is gone. I believe it was link to a team account which was deactivated which may have erased my spreadsheet ?! Is there anyway I can retrieve it ? I don’t see any options in my account port...

Arduck45 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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GIF not working?

So GIFs working on synced view on laptop but not on android. But if view is a shareable link they work? Same data.At mo I created a button back to original as want to edit on phone but mystified why not working. Sure it worked before on Pixel phone b...

Maria by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Is there a way to lock a table by default?

This is to avoid accidentally modifying cell contents or modifying rows. Often time I was in a table view and the mouse was placed at a cell, and I wasn't careful enough so keystrokes sometimes override the contents of cells. This can happen if you a...

py64 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Forms: Using Conditionals with Same Data Source

I'm trying to have the viewer select a job field in a form (post-production, design, etc.)Based on that selection the next entry would be a limited selection of our main record field "primary role" (editor, producer,etc.). I'm able to do this easily,...

JoeV by 4 - Data Explorer
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Filter Linked Record in Airtable Forms

Hello Everyone,I was wondering if you can help me with something I have been working on. I currently have 3 tables in one base. One table has different names of clients (Table 1). The other table has the names of projects they are attached to with a ...

Tim_Stuart by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Error message when try adding a linked record

When I try to add a record in the linked record field I get an error message "You are not permitted to perform this operation". It does not happen in all ‘link a record’ field but in some, randomly. The issue is occurring on my iPad and iPhone apps. ...

Split multiple images to different records

Hi, im using softr form to upload people images to airtable and then print it to an dynamic list in sofrt, but if they attach multiple images, softr just shows the first, how can i split this multiple attachments to different records?If you have some...

joanq by 4 - Data Explorer
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Select All Records in a Linked field Record

Hello again, a new puzzle for me.I have a summary report table that uses a view of records filtered by a particular month from another table for data. The summary table uses a linked  field and I want to be able to select all the records in the linke...

"Request conflicted" error?

Hi, I'm getting this error each time I try to open a form (any form) from a button in my interface : "Sorry, your request conflicted with another change".Anyone else getting this ? 

See all the bases and tables a table is linked to

Hi, I'm getting ready to delete a table, but first I want to see all the bases and tables it's linked to. I know about the Base Schema Extension, which works to see relationships within a base but I want to know about relationships between bases as w...