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Lookup Field not retrieving values from

I have two Tables in the same Base.One field in the table (APPAREL) should look-up the value in another (SC APPAREL SYNC)Here is the Field (TEST2) in the APPAREL table which should look up the SAMPLE COORDINATOR in the SC APPAREL SYNCAs you can see, ...

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John_Q by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Add column to table if field matches field from another table

Hello, friends.I have two tables. Unfortunately I can't change how they're structured, or I would. So I'd love some advice on getting what I need from this setup.The first table, "readers," shows a "profile owner" associated with a "branch." Then the...

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orlibrary by 4 - Data Explorer
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How to make an editable column in a synched base

We have several bases that we need to synch to a primary base. All fields need to synch except one. We have downloadable files that we need to change out for each synched base, but cannot edit them once we synch once we do this. Does anyone know how ...

Calendar apps

Hello!I am integrating Airtable with my calendar app and using it to schedule meetings. I want to include a link to the zoom room we are using on that meeting but the link is not showing up, even though the label is on. On the calendar app I can only...

ariana by 4 - Data Explorer
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Integration Gitlab and Airtable

Good afternoon!Task: integration Gitlab and Airtable.Defenition of done:1. Airtable has all the projects from git.2. Airtable has all the tasks from git.3. All new tasks in gitlab (for every project) appear in Airtable automatically4. I can see metri...

Stanislav by 4 - Data Explorer
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Dark Mode on Airtable

what’s wrong with you Airtable, :confused: why aren’t you listening to us, we’ve been asking you for a dark mode for a long time, almost everyone has a dark mode, why don’t you, help us keep our eyesight for longer, please Airtable, it’s time to. D...

Two-way sync for pro accounts?

When two-way sync was originally announced, the message was that it was being beta tested with Enterprise accounts but that it would eventually launch for Pro accounts as well. With the release today and a quick look at the pricing page and help arti...

Erin_Keeffe by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Syncing with Google Calendar... URL won't add!

When I try and paste the URL for my base calendar to Google calenda nothing happens and the calendar won't add.I recorded a video to explain. Any ideas on what to do? far I can delete and c...

lukejhall by 4 - Data Explorer
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Outlook calendar sync failed

Hello, I’m trying to sync my outlook calendar to my Airtable base, but it’s giving me the following error message: “Last synced failed # minutes ago (Microsoft may be experiencing issues with their API).” Are there any problem syncing the Outlook cal...

Ryan_Morris1 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Airtable save / backup

Hi all , What is the best way to save / backup an Airtable database ? e.g. GSheet via Zapier ? And how to automate daily save backup ? Many thanks Anthony

How can you connect BigQuery tables to Airtable?

Hey there! So I am trying to figure out if this is even possible, we are trying to hook up some database tables (BigQuery) to airtable. I have gone through the API docs and I see there could be a method of uploading JSONs periodically to airtable, bu...

Tom_McD by 4 - Data Explorer
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Random quote (" ") marks?

Hello, I’m experiencing a bit of an odd error with certain records now being encapsulated in “” quote marks when synced from one base to another. I can’t see any rhyme or reason as to why - some records in the fields are fine, but some aren’t; in oth...