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Resolved! Softr User sync

HI,How can I solve this problem when working in Softr with an Airtable synchronized table?how can I configure permissions in my base?Rgds.

ERROR copia.jpg
Mgomezv by 4 - Data Explorer
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Backup Data

Hi everyone,Our company kick off migration project on Google Workspace, and we need to adjust our email account. Example: current email:; new email in new workspace: When we complete migration, we will ren...

Jessi by 4 - Data Explorer
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Split record into multiple records in new table

Fingers crossed that there's a solution to this! I have data coming in from interface forms that is structured with headers like this:Name 1 / Email 1 / Address 1  / Name 2 / Email 2 / Address 2.... and so on, all the way up to 100! Yes, 100!We use t...

TammyPaul by 4 - Data Explorer
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Synced table formats User field to Text field

Hi!I've got 2 bases, one for managing a list of employees and the other for managing some cars.I need to assign some tasks to specific Users from the employee base so I decided to sync the Employee details table to the Cars base.After the sync, the r...

Link fields, existing and new email

Hello,I have a table called "applications" containing all the information of students who have applied for a grant. As part of the grant requirements, I'm requesting students to submit a final report. To facilitate this process, I'm using Fillout to ...

Eduriv by 4 - Data Explorer
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