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Getting a Formula Field to Show Up as a Date Field

Not sure if this is possible as I just started using Airtable. I created a formula for contracts based on Start Dates and Contract Term that will give me an Automatic Original End Date. Then I have another Field for Bonus weeks which will give me a ...

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Resolved! How to include multiple dates for a single item

Hi there. I am not a habitual Airtable user, nor am I much of a tech person, so I apologize if this question has been answered and I wasn't able to find it.I am developing a database for my perfume collection using Airtable, and for most parts of thi...

lightkensei by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Choosing the time zone used for Date and Time functions

I am in Seattle, using my local time zone, Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8). One of my columns, ‘Start Time’, contains a Date value of “1/2/2016 10:00”, but when I reference it in a separate column using DATETIME_FORMAT({Start Date}, ‘MM/DD/YY HH:mm’) ...

Chris_Rutledge by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Dates and Formulas

I’ve searched, googled and tried all the formulas I’ve found and nothing is working. I feel like I’ve spent more time working on these dang formulas than the table itself. Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone knows anywhere I can test a f...

Resolved! Date order not quite right in a linked record

I am a historian, constructing a historical database (1940s-60s). When I click on my linked record for a person or institution, some of which will have to link to 1000+ records, I notice that the records are almost arranged in date order - but not qu...

Sebastian_Page by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Filter "the past number of days" counts today in?

Hello all!I use airtable e.g. for recording and analyzing event data. In event data i have "start" date and time, and "end" date and time.When I set the filter "the past number of days" (e.g. 30 days) to the event data, it would appear that the curre...

Rollup Filters not working?

Hi, Is it only me or are Rollup Filters not working. Tried this with date fields and text ones, and still without any success. Please let me know if there is a solution or it's a temporary bug? Thanks!

tahariani by 4 - Data Explorer
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