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Resolved! Convert Text based date to Date field

Hello,I am having a table in Airtable that contains a text field with dates. I imported a CSV files. And all dates were added as text field in a wrong format (MM/DD/YY). So I am basically looking for a way to: Convert these text date field to a real ...

micha281sth by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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report help

- I have a report that I am trying to create that will take all my dates request and I can sort by month. Below is my table and I am needing to run a report for the month of march. So what I want is for the provider name to show all the data that hap...

AmandaC1121 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Issue with date and time copy/paste from Excel

When I copy and paste a date and time value between 1/04/2023 16:00:00 and 2/04/2023 01:00:00 from Excel to the Airtable, it automatically moves it by one hour (i.e. 1/04/2023 16:00:00 becomes 1/04/2023 17:00:00). The values are being pasted correctl...

DP by 4 - Data Explorer
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Date field - adding the weekday

Hello Is it really not possible to have the weekday shown in a date field? Seems an odd omission - and the ‘friendly’ date format not that friendly. I know I can use a formula field to format it how I like but a) that’s a workaround and b) I am grou...

Global Time Zone Settings

Is there a way to set the time zone for all tables in a base? I just noticed that my “where Ordered is today” filtered out all orders and it’s only 6:31pm – the day is not over yet. :neutral_face:

Milestone Date

I am using the Gantt view. I have 50 tasks. Every 10 tasks has a milestone.  And each set of tasks is marked as dependencies for each milestone they come under. I would like the milestone dates to be updated automatically when the end dates for one o...

Taskmaster by 4 - Data Explorer
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Gantt View: Click and Drag Feature is Broken

Hi there! I've been searching across the Airtable (AT) community for answers, and none so far.I am trying to create a production schedule that has multiple dependencies across time. I followed the template that AT provided. I also included a new form...

Next Period/Month or Quarter

Not sure where the correct place to put this one is. I am trying to get a formula or automation to update the period field in the attached screenshot based on the cadence. I have tried using automations, but it essentially circular references itself ...

Salexander by 4 - Data Explorer
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Random dates inside a month

Hi! Im having trouble wrapping my head aroubd this but I am trying to duplicate records and assign then a random date inside the current month and then make them not to duplicate on the same date. So duplicate 1 = month/day 5 Duplicate 2 = month/day ...

Resolved! Restrict date range on a form

I'm wondering if there is a way to restrict a date field to a range of dates. We have a base that grants people access to our website. In order to get access, they need to fill out a form saying how long they need access for, but we want to restrict ...

Megan_Lask by 4 - Data Explorer
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Dates as variables

Hi everybody,Im facing a pb with airtable for my business regarding Dates.Im selling cars, and each cars sold has a "sell date" which is a calendar column day - values monitored in Table 1In another table, Table 2, I have my monthly and quarterly obj...