Add a gif to automated email

dear all,

we would like to create an email with Gif attachment that plays automatically when you open the mail
how can I do it ?
I tried via GIPHY website & embed code, but didnt work :frowning:
I do not have any super deep computer knowledge, so please answer like you would explain it to a complete noob

thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hello J_K,

You can inject HTML into your email automation. In the ‘Message’ field you can use this:

<img src="image-address-url">

Where image-address-url is the url to any hosted image. You can get this by right-clicking an image or gif and clicking ‘Copy Image Address’. Then just replace the text between the quotation marks in the HTML code above. The embed code from Giphy will not work in this case.

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Welcome to the community, @Louie! :smiley: Giphy images also provide a direct link option that should work with the method you describe. After selecting an image, click “Copy Link”, then highlight and copy the URL in the “GIF Link” field, which is a direct link to the image file.


I don’t believe that you can inject HTML into Airtable’s email automations. Those emails use a limited subset of Markdown formatting that does not support images.

If you want to send emails with HTML formatting, you need to use an integration such as Zapier or Integromat that is capable of sending emails with HTML formatting.

hey all :slight_smile:
it did work with the combined solution of Louie & Justin!
Thank you so much!!

Have a great weekend


Wow. This is quite the surprise and revelation. Would be incredible if Airtable documented this in the article below. Even better, more importantly, they should document this on the screen of the “Send Email” action itself.


Wow. I retract my previous comment. This looks like a new feature. Let’s hope it stays around. It even looks like you can even size the image using html.

Other tags such as headings, bold, italic, lists also seem to work. Some style attributes, such as colors, also seem to work. However, tables do not work.


Very interesting!!

Let’s hope they bring table support as well!!

This goes back to one of my previous comments about Airtable really needing to inform people about all the dozens of little changes that they roll out every week.

They make so many dozens of tiny — and important — changes on a regular basis, and these changes are NEVER communicated with us. We are literally left in the dark.

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Hello all!

To close the loop on this—we’ve updated our documentation to reflect the currently supported HTML tags and tag attributes the “Send an email” automation action now supports.

Thanks for bringing up this discrepancy with our documentation. We will continue to strive to keep our documentation, and the Airtable Community, up to date as the Airtable product grows. :slight_smile: