Adding Multiple records using copy and paste from one table to another

This works one row at a time. Would love to be able to do this to multiple records.

I need to copy several rows that include one column that is a reference the RECORD_ID() for a given table and another cell that has one or more linked records from another table.

The new table has a linked column to the table referenced in the RECORD_ID() above and a column that references the same linked field.

Again, if I create a record and paste into it, it works great. The Record_ID reference connects to the original table we are pulling data from.

Also, if I create 5 rows (as a for instance), I can paste 5 rows I copy from the original table.

Is there any way to copy 40 rows of these two fields and paste them into the other table without first creating the rows in question as blank records? Basically, a paste/append.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks for any insight.

You must have at least one blank record before you can paste in data, but you shouldn’t need to pre-make all of the necessary records. Airtable should tell you that it needs to make new rows, asking you to confirm that it’s okay to do so. I do this often, and never have any issues pasting multiple records when I only start with one.

Can you give a detailed breakdown of the steps you’re taking? Perhaps there’s something in your process that’s awry.

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Thanks @Justin_Barrett. That worked as long as I was at the end of any list. If I add a record in a view (shift-enter or insert above/below) and then paste multiple records it overwrites any records below my inserted record.

If I go to the bottom of the view in question, create 1 new record, and then paste, it prompts me and correctly adds the additional records.

For the data migration I’m performing this works fine. It isn’t something I would like users to do necessarily.

Thanks for the tip.

To me, that’s expected behavior. Airtable doesn’t have an insert mode for pasting records. It will always overwrite, and add to the end where necessary.

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Understood. I hadn’t tried going to the end of the view and should have tried that.

Thanks again.

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