Airtable Accessibility

I am about to embark on a large research project with the Royal National Institute of the Blind and one of the requirements is that the format we hand over our research should be fully accessible. Given there is going to be a lot of research findings I was hoping to use Airtable, but is it accessible?

Thank you

Funny you should ask - the University of Michigan’s Digital Library Accessibility Team dropped into this Community in September making broad and sweeping accusations that Airtable was “Inaccessible”.

I challenged their test methods and conclusions over a three-week timeframe all while testing their own library content against the WCAG standards.

Their own sites failed, of course, and while it was not in debate, Airtable had some issues. UofM must have been a bit embarrassed because it appears the entire thread - which included test results and a variety of comparisons to various WCAG standards - has been deleted from this community.

I’m interested in this question too, albeit in a less immediate way. What exactly does “accessibility” mean in this context? I found this article on accessibility at the W3C:

Are the recommendations there the sort of thing that we’re talking about? If so, I’m wondering how many database applications meet those standards.