Airtable should buy or implement SimpleScraper's functionality

The SimpleScraper (go to simplescraper dot io) Chrome extension looks super powerful and useful for sucking up data into Airtable!

Indeed it is. However, there are many issues with scraping data on the web and one is the possibility that the domain doing the scraping will be blacklisted from the content being scraped. As such, don’t look for Airtable to implement this functionality on anytime soon.

Another issue is the ToS of any given content site. If you violate it, your account may be suspended. Airtable should fear getting in between its users and their non-Airtable data.

Lastly, security context. Scraping data from secure sites is really risky and wrought with a variety of security issues that Airtable would need to divert resources to. Are you sure you want to distract these folks from the core functionality of their solution?