Any way to pull calories consumed from MyFitnessPal?

Any way to pull calories consumed from MyFitnessPal?

If my MyFitnessPal has an API (which it seems to) to allow access to the calories consumed you can programmatically interface it with Airtable via the Airtable API to pull in the calories consumed.

@Andrew_Johnson1 Thanks! Any idea where I could start to learn how to do that?

Hi @Brenda_Carey

You might want to check out Integromat. It automates processes, such as this, but you would have to find out for sure.

Mary K

I’m interested in the same feature and I happen to be a programmer. I will need to do a time estimate after I review both APIs. If you have ever worked with programming and APIs, I’d love the help, otherwise we can discuss compensation for providing you with the service once it’s ready. If you’re willing to contribute to development costs upfront, I can make sure it has the exact features you need plus I can make it a priority instead of a side project.