Append rows + sum cells

I have following table:

What i would like to do is append rows, which has identical “Tasks” and sum “Cost” for those.

Usually task names could be super unique, so specify their names in formula is no-go. Also Airtable “grouping” functionality is not useful, because afterwards i need to put them in invoice via Page designer. Unfortunately PD don’t provide to group identical columns :frowning:

What you would suggest?
Thank you.

So that is a Tasks table?

And you want to kind of duplicate a project? I don’t understand your case, can you explain deeper?

Here I’ll try to explain my case little deeper. What I try to accomplish is completely automatic invoicing system. Currently I have linked Toggl with Airtable which automatically pulls all my working data entries to AirTable. So every time, i start to work on one task, for example “Design - Logo” on April 26 14:00, it automatically appears in my table. So far so good.

Problem starts when I want those “identical” {Task} sum up in my auto generated invoice (via Page designer). They appear like different tasks.

Instead i would like to group/append them by {Task}. Similar to grouping functionality in table view

As far as i did my research there is no way of appending them in Page designer, so I now searching for way to duplicate all entries to other sheet/tab and group entries by {Task} & summing up {Duration} & {Cost}. So is there any way to do it? Thanks for your help.

You just need to create a Tasks table and convert the field in the TimeEntries table. In the Task table, you create a Rollup that sums the time of all entries for that task.

If you thought something like this:

It does not work, as Page designer still separates them.
Even more, it somehow does not want to allow putting task {Name} into Page designer.

I really have tried everything, and it seems only real option that might work is flat converting those entries skipping all the linking part. As soon as i start to link back no original entries, Airtable does separate them.

Can’t believe they haven’t fixed this basic functionality for years.

I think you are invoicing Time Entries instead of Tasks.

In fact, you have to invoice a Client, I’ve made a mockup:

This morning I’ve replied (with video too) to a very similar thread, but with Invoices table:

Thanks a lot, it did work. I now have fully funcional invoice. :star_struck::exploding_head::pray:

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