Assigning a drop down with 2 separate values, to automatically populate other fields

I am wanting to use the multi drop function to automatically assign numerical values to my clients profile line once I choose their desired choice.
For example, the client is borrowing money and they choose to have 5% interest rate and 3 points on the loan. Or if they choose 4% and 4 points, I would want the drop down to fill the other two pre made fields with the data instead of having to go and put it in there myself. I have looked a most videos and cannot see the steps to make this happen if possible. Thanks again wonderful community!

If you’re calculating numeric values, your formula could potentially be something like this (there’s not enough detail in what exactly you’re trying to calculate):

{Loan Amount} * (1 + VALUE({Interest Rate}))

If you’re calculated text values, make use of SWITCH() formulas, or nested IF()s if you need to compare {Interest Rate} and {Points} at the same time.

You’d need to do something like either this:

   {Interest Rate},
   "5%", "Value that should be outputted if Interest Rate is 5%",
   "4%", "Value that should be outputted if Interest Rate is 4%",

or this:

   AND({Interest Rate} = "5%", {Points} = "3 points"),
   "Value if true",
      AND({Interest Rate} = "4%", {Points} = "4 points"),
      "Value if true",
      "Value if false or another IF()"

I am sorry, my thoughts were jumbled when trying to ask.

Is there a way to assign each option, in a multiple select field, a specific value. So that when I click the option it will prefill a different field I have created. This way I can create a formula that will use that data entered into the filled cell. This should allow me skip multiple entries as I already chose it from the multiple selection options.
Thanks so much for your time!

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