Auto Renew Formula


Hello Community!

We need your help again.
Currently we are creating a sheet on AirTable Labeled as Document Tracking.

What the sheet does is that it counts the total printouts for our members on the sheet.
And we’re currently setting it up in a way that tracks the printouts for a certain client. And then if the person has exceeded their allotted printing credits, they will no longer be allowed to print freely, and will therefore be duly charged. Also, since we will have a constant number of printouts allotted per month. We want it to auto-renew itself in some way.

-Carlson’s membership is from September 2018 to December 2018
-Carlson has 10 Document Credits per month
-Carlson prints 11 Documents on September therefore consuming his 10 Document Credits for the month, and leaving 1 billable document
-Carlson Pays 1 billable document
-Carlson’s Document Credit renews on November.

What we’ve done so far is create a way to track the printouts for our members. And one of our current predicament now is how to auto-renew the allotted document credit per month.

I am attaching a link for our base here.

There are three important sheets for our base:
1. Document Credits
Here we post a code for the certain credit and input the allowed document credits per month.

2. Document Tracking
Here, we list all the transactions per document credit for all of our members. Page Count. Membership Date, Renewal Date, and Print Date.

2. Member Credits
This is the sheet where we manipulate their document credits. And we are planning on fetching the data listed here to be displayed on the Membership Plan Sheet.


Hi Guys!

Excited to say that we now have a working prototype for the problem mentioned above!
Here’s the link for the base!

What we’re currently doing now, is to have the Member’s Credit Auto-renew for each month.
We haven’t quite gotten hold of how to do this yet. But this is a milestone for us! Hope you guys benefit from it as well.

Also, we’re still looking for help on the auto-renew for the membership credit per month. Looking forward to your replies!