Automate conditional multi-person assignment (without repeating)

In Table A, I am trying to create three columns whereby each column would automatically and randomly select a person listed in Table B (same column), whenever a new record is created in Table A.

However, these are the additional requirements:

  • There cannot be any repeats within a particular row.
  • Repeats within a column (i.e., on several rows) is OK but is conditionally limited to a maximum number of two repeats.
  • Selections are conditional based upon the person’s status (in Table B) (e.g., “status 1”).

Here’s an example.

TABLE B (the list of persons that would be randomly selected from in Table A)
table b

TABLE A (what would be a correct random selection given the parameters)

Table A meets the requirements, because it:

  • Selections are “randomly” made.
  • There are NO repeats on each row.
  • A maximum of TWO repeats are permitted per column.
  • Only the people who have “status 1” from Table B.

Hey man, given these requirements (especially the need for it to be random), the simplest way to handle this is probably with a script. There’s no easy way to do random selections in Airtable as far as I know

If you end up going down the script road, I’m available to be hired to do it too; this seems like a big enough project that I can’t throw something together quickly, sorry

Best of luck man, sorry I couldn’t help more