Automatically change single select based on date

I’m building a task tracking dashboard. For a given task row I have a single select field with various status levels included “Scheduled” and “Today.” I also have a Date field called “Scheduled for” where I forecast the date I want to do that task.

When I create a task I want to schedule out I choose Scheduled for the Status field and enter a date in the Scheduled for.

I would love it if the base would automatically update the Status field to “Today” when the "Scheduled for date matched today’s date.

I suppose something like this is possible with a formula to display what I want to see, but I also want to use a Kanban view and those require a Single Select field to group by.

Ideas? Feature request?

Some ideas:

Hi, I know this is an older question, but how would I use Zapier to change the Status?

Use the Update Record action.

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