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How do I add a set number of days to a date?

Hi, I’m using Airtable to manage my library. I was hoping I could use it to automatically calculate the due date based on the date I loaned the book out. For example, if I loaned the book on the 5th of October, I want to add 14 days and have a column...

Kyle_Groger by 4 - Data Explorer
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Quick and very dumb question about using date fields

Heya, I'm setting up my first timeline view and using date fields for the first time, and feeling like a complete moron because I cannot figure out for the life of me where I am supposed to enter the actual date here, this UI is not making any sense ...

Wrap kanban/gallery card text?

I’m going to presume the answer is “no”, but is there really no way to wrap the text (esp title text) of a card when presented in kanban or gallery view? Has anyone found the CSS rules that can be changed in Developer Tools, perhaps?

Resolved! Form into kanban

Hey, i'm looking at a way to populate a kanban record with data that has been populated in a form.The end goal is for users to enter details into a form and that will automatically pull into a kanban board for projects to be started.Any help would be...

Restricting a user from viewing a table or view

Hi - Our warehouse is a third-party service provider. Whenever they receive our product, we’d like to have them log one field within a single view. However, much of the Airtable is confidential information that the warehouse frankly does not need to ...

bentoben by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Collapsing Kanban views

I don’t think this is an option right now, but it would be nice if when you went into a Kan-ban view - you either could change your settings to open in a collapsed view or at least have the option to Collapse All when you open that view. If you have ...

Emma_Sousa by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Single form that creates multiple records

Hi All. I believe I know the answer to this, but I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence if I didn’t ask the community. User wants to have a form that will provide entry into multiple records. FORM would look like this; Date: 20180410 Name: Joe Bloe Pr...

Airtable Embed in Webflow Glitch

Hi there,I embedded my Airtable into a Webflow website. Every time I want to "Add Condition" to filter my data, the page automatically scrolls down and hides the top taskbar. This is only an issue when I set the Airtable height to be larger than the ...

Prawler by 4 - Data Explorer
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Attachments not showing previews

I'm building out a base for our ecommerce team where were sharing and organizing updated product iconography. However, in either a grid or gallery view, the attachments are not showing previews. These are small files (less than 100k) and have tested ...

Script for Field Widths

I'm feeling like I may have more OCD tendencies than I thought. It's driving me nuts that I can't set a field width for the columns in Airtable. Usually in Excel, I would make columns that contain like data the same width, not being able to do that i...

Resolved! Decreasing Available Volunteer Slots Using Forms

Hello Airtable Community, I'm creating a form where I need a specific number of volunteers for each area of an event I'm planning, for example, I need 5 volunteers on Saturday from 9am-12pm; 5 volunteers on Saturday from 12pm-3pm, etc. What can I do ...

Dan_Kennedy by 4 - Data Explorer
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One form, multiple tables

I’ve setup a beautiful multi-table Airtable database system for one of my clients, and we’ve got 5 different tables that are all linked to each other & working perfectly. :slightly_smiling_face: But now — we’re interested in creating a form where o...

Avoid user to create a new view

Hi, I work a lot on my board to avoid my user is able to change some data. I use Airtable to manage the sales and stock of my shop. For that I lock view, give specific permission and so on, but I just noticed that a user can create a Grid new view wh...

Sebastien1 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Embed background color

Hi - the iframe code that is generated when you want to share a view makes it look like the background can be changed, but it is always grey regardless of what I do with the iframe code. Has anyone been able to change the background color? Thanks. <i...

Wrapping Text in a Calendar Entry

Hello, fellow Airtable Fans! Has anyone figured out how to wrap text inside a day in Calendar view? I have long entries that must be viewed on a calendar. Thank you, kindly.

L_Ortega by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Help creating a master calendar for a base?

Hi there. I’m trying to build a base that summarizes my company’s social media, email, blog, and event activity and puts it all in a shared calendar. Google calendar on steroids, if you will. I currently have sheets for social, email, blog, and event...

Hide options in forms

Hello,I would like to know how to hide some options from a field in an airtable form.For example, my grid has a column that offers the following choices: "Office", "workshop" and "housing".In the form, I would like to display only "Office" or "Worksh...