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Can I make columns different colors by groups to make them easier to distinguish on a WIDE table?

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4 - Data Explorer

Have a view with many columns, and would like to distinguish individual “groups” by adding background colors to these groups. Can do?

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Unfortunately, no. A possible solution is Interfaces. Interfaces are a little underwhelming at the moment (because they don’t do everything that the normal Airtable interface does), but if you want, you could create an interface because it lets you group fields together into their own unique groups, and then you can color the background of each group. Although Airtable will only give you 2 colors to choose from, though, but at least you will be able to distinguish different groups.

Also note that you may want to be looking at views. Each view can contain only the fields that you want to see. So each “unique view” would be the “unique group” that you want to see.

Since you are brand new to Airtable, I would recommend checking out my free Airtable training course, which covers views in quite a lot of depth:

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One workaround that some people use is to create divider columns using formula fields. This will not color the individual groups of columns but it can provide a visual grouping. For example, the following formula will create a column of colored dots.


@kuovonne That’s a very cool idea! I love it!! :rainbow: :art: :crayon: :artist:

Yes that might help a lot. Thank you!

I will check it out. Thank you!