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Prefill gallery view

Hello, similar to prefill a form with custom information (, is  there a way to prefill a gallery view? Background:customerID is added to gallery linklogged in customer clicks on the gallery link on ...

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Master Table Ccreation

Hi- I am new here to the community.  I am trying to Complete A Contact Master Table.Do I need to create multiple tables, How To Complete the Contact Master table ·Example Notes and attachment below · Use the Contact Master ERD found here: contacts_ta...

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Hi- How do you create a table to store your most URLs?  Thanks!!

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Splitting one Cell into several rows

Hello, I am working on a database where someone may have to created multiple items and instead of having a bunch of columns I was wonder if it is possible to split the items from one cell into another row.For example. I have a request from a team to ...

Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 2.16.20 PM.png
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Resolved! Working hours

Hi there,I would like to calculate the extra hours I've worked each day by implementing a formula field. I've currently listed records with "Date", "Start" (date, time, timezone), "End" (date, time, timezone).How do I make sure the formula only lists...

Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 11.46.57.png
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Resolved! Airtable form interface users and billing

My goal is to use Airtable to manage orders of materials. The idea is to invite people in charge of the orders as full users in the paid plan, and create a shareable link to a form which could be used by others in our org to order materials - therefo...

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qoob by 4 - Data Explorer

Resolved! Exporting Airtable Data into PowerQuery

I've used this very helpful page to be able to export my tables out of air table and into Power Query, and from there into Excel: Sending Airtable Data to Microsoft Power BI & Power Query | Airtable SupportHowever, I'm having an issue that some seemi...

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Pasting data into a sorted table

Hi, I wonder if anyone know detialed rules about what should happen when data is pasted into a table where the data is sorted.I have one table sorted by non-Key field (a-z). I was pasting a set of data from another table to this sorted table every da...

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Using your own recId to update data

I have a use case where I am entering data from an outside source. These records will later change on this outside source and I would like to be able to update the AirTable record based on these changes.The problem that I am running into is that you ...

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Resolved! Passing Output Variable from Script to Another Script

Hello! Apologies for the potentially basic question, but I was having trouble sorting through the existing documentation and I couldn't find a simple explanation. I'm trying to pass the output variable newCode into a new script, however I'm not sure ...

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Synced Tables and Syncing Intervals

Hi all! I have read this great post but I have a further question about sync....there is a precise synchronization time following the "Source Base" update?My process is this:- When the event occurs I send a webhook via Make- The webhook triggers an a...

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delete comments made by other users

Hi community,It seems there is no possibility to delete comments made on records by other users.I am the base manager (owner), and would appreciate the possibility to remove comments made by others without asking each person to delete their own comme...

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Sudden critical issues with Airtable (Forms and Automations)

Greetings,Maybe somebody is facing something similar starting today? When trying to submit a form the following error appears (below).  There were no changes to the Base. Also, the same started to happen to an older (4-5 months old) version of the sa...

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Is anyone else having saving/loading issues?

My bases and views were working just fine until a few hours ago.  Now they get stuck saving and timeout with "An error has occurred" message.  None of the work done isn't saved.I've messaged enterprise support but haven't received any feedback.

Screen_Shot_2023-02-01_at_3_03_35_PM-2.png Screen_Shot_2023-02-01_at_3_16_42_PM.png
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